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The Pioneers who gave us the mouse

The Pioneers who gave us the mouse

In July 1945, Vannevar Bush, an American inventor & scientific administrator & then head of The Office of Scientific Research & Development, wrote an article titled ‘As we may think’. In this article, he said that mankind has piled up such a staggering body of specialized knowledge base that the men of learning who need to grasp it & further build on it, find it very difficult to find & use the parts they want. He challenged all men of science & technology to make this ‘store of knowledge’ more easily accessible & usable by anyone.
Here is the link to this article, is still relevant today

Douglas Engelbart happened to read this article while working as a technician in the Pacific during the World War II & was inspired to simplify the computer user interface. The result was the first mouse (inset picture), which was publicly demonstrated for the first time in 1968 in a recorded demo in San Francisco. He demonstrated the use of mouse to easily interact with a computer, as well as other concepts like text editing, video conferencing, hypertext and the windows concept. These concepts were to later inspire Steve Jobs & Microsoft to create their solutions that helped make computers as ubiquitous as they are today.

Douglas passed away on 4th July 2013 (yesterday) at the age of 88. Salutes to this visionary & pioneer, whose ideas and fruits of labor are still benefiting all of us.
Check out this article related to the famous demo more than 45 years ago:


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