Karan Verma

Views expressed here are mine alone

The Anatomy of Oops


Why is to Err such an integral part of being human….And why haven’t we still mastered it anyway.

It seems that we’re hardwired to make mistakes. The very same brain wires that make us confident, decisive & optimistic also allure us into making errors of judgement at work, in relationships & just about everywhere else.

What makes us certain, also makes us selectively perceptive of information we want to see and hear, ignoring the proverbial ‘writing on the wall’.

What makes us decisive, also pushes us to take on risks we have no business taking on.

What makes us optimistic, also makes us overtly believe in our ability to accomplish tasks we are ill-prepared or ill-equipped to take on.

We will do well to remember that some of our greatest weaknesses that lead us to catastrophic consequences spring from the very strengths that allow us to move mountains.


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